Suction Valve Discharge Valve for Hydrogen Nitrogen Argon Helium Compressor

Suction Valve Discharge Valve for Hydrogen Nitrogen Argon Helium Compressor

Compressor Valves Proven designs for Highest ReliabilitySpecial customize gas valve spare part for Reciprocating Compres
Basic Info.
Model NO. no
Structure Floating Ball Valve
Type Floating Ball Valve
Function Blow-Down Valve, Relief Valve, Atmospheric Valve, Bypass-Valve
Temperature Ultralow Temperature
Standard 168-789
Application Industrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage, Household Usage
Cylinder Material Qt450-10
Selection Statement H-Movable Cylinder Sleeve; G-Fixed Cylinder Sleeve
Working Pressure Max to 1000bar (G)
Material 1 304L/ 316L Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Cooling System Water Cooled or Air Cooled
Monitoring System Can Be Remote Monitoring by User′s Dcs System
Can I Install The Pipeline by Ourself Without Skid-Mounted Compressor Can Be Customized
Compressor Piston Piston, Piston Rod, Piston Nut, Piston Ring, Suppo
Compressor Part Name Oil Scraper
Name 2 Suction Valve & Discharge Valve
Name High Pressure Compressor Spare Part
Seal Ring Piston O Ring, Supporting Ring, Seal Ring
Appilication Hydrogen Compressor. Natural Compressor, Helium
Name 3 Sealing Stuffing(Tangential Ring)
Whether OEM Service OEM Service Can Be Provided
Transport Package Wooden Package
Specification 600*450*550mm
Trademark KEEPWIN
Origin China
HS Code 8414909090
Production Capacity 1000/Month
Product Description
Compressor Valves Proven designs for Highest ReliabilitySpecial customize gas valve spare part for Reciprocating Compressor System and Process Gas CompressorWith our invaluable OEM Knowledge and compressor experience, we can provide reliable solutions for extremely demanding applications, ranging from very clean industrial to highly contaminated process gases.

Suction Valve Discharge Valve for Hydrogen Nitrogen Argon Helium Compressor

Suction Valve Discharge Valve for Hydrogen Nitrogen Argon Helium Compressor

Characteristics:1. Good toughness and rigidity2. Excellent fatigue resistance and self-lubricating3. Good chemical and corrosion resistance4. Outstanding flame-retardant and radiation resistance5. Good electric insulation performance


1. Prompt Delivery; 2. Competitive Prices; 3. Well and High-Quality Control; 4. SGS/ISO9001&RoHS passed; 5.OEM &ODM accepted; 6. Rich experience in the design and manufacturing of plastic products; 7. Customers' 2D, 3 D drawing or samples are welcomed.

Compressor Main Spare Part Structure InstructionThe basic part mainly includes crankcase, crankshaft, connecting rod, crosshead, its role is to connect the foundation and the cylinder part and transmit power.
The performance of a reciprocating piston compressor mostly depends on a suction filter, suction & discharge valves, and piston rings. Hence due care required to be taken.

Above mentioned parts especially valves require periodic inspection and maintenance.

Connecting Rod

The connecting rod is divided into two parts: connecting rod body and connecting rod big end bush cover, which is connected into a whole by two tensile bolts. The connecting rod big end bush is split type. The material of the bush back is carbon steel. The bush surface is bearing alloy. The two ends are flanged for axial positioning. The inner surface of the big end hole is inlaid with a cylindrical pin, which is used for radial positioning of big end bush to prevent the Bush from rotating. The connecting rod small end and small end bush are integral types, and the bush material is tin bronze. The screw hole at the big-end tile cover of the connecting rod is used for lifting when disassembling, and the eye bolt should be removed after assembly.

The connecting rod was drilled with oil holes along the axial direction of the rod body and connected with the back ring grooves of the big bush and small bush. The lubricating oil can be

lubricated through the ring grooves and the radial oil holes on the bearing pads to realize the lubrication of the crosshead pin and the crank pin.

In order to ensure the safe and reliable transmission of alternating load, the connecting rod bolt must have enough pre tightening force. The pre tightening force is guaranteed by the elongation after the connecting rod bolt is tightened. Under the required initial pressure, the elongation is 0.65 ± 0.05mm, the outer diameter of the shaft sleeve must be tightly pressed with the connecting rod and shall be fully fitted.

The connecting rod and big bush cover are forged with high-quality carbon steel, and the connecting rod bolts are made of alloy structural steel.The screw hole at the big-end tile cover of the connecting rod is used for lifting when disassembling, and the eye bolt should be removed after assembly.

Crosshead hydraulic connection fastening device

The hydraulic connecting and fastening device is used for connecting the piston rod and crosshead body, which is mainly composed of the connecting device and the fastening device.

Principle: after connecting the piston rod and crosshead by connecting the fastening device, inject 150MPa pressure oil into the pressure body of the fastening device with the random tool of manual high-pressure oil pump. By using the incompressible property of liquid, push the piston, forcing the end of piston rod to produce elastic tensile deformation, and then lock the lock nut, release the oil pressure, so as to achieve the pre tightening force required for connection.Connecting Cylinder The connecting cylinder is a cylindrical structure made of cast iron. There are two types of single chamber and double chambers. For the compression of flammable, explosive or toxic media, the double compartment type is adopted. The intermediate sealing packing is installed at the middle compartment. Which is used to prevent leaking gas from the cylinder from entering the compressor. Each chamber is provided with a vent at the top and a blowdown valve at the

bottom. The chamber on the cylinder side is provided with nitrogen filling, leakage recovery, cooling water connection flanges and joints as required for connection with external pipeline: The leakage gas of the main packing and the leakage gas of the short-middle body can be discharged to the safe area through the external pipeline. The nitrogen gas in the long-middle body can be continuously replaced by external pipeline. There is no intermediate sealing packing and nitrogen filling port for the single-chamber of connection cylinder, and the other interface are set as required.


The cylinder is mainly composed of cylinder seat, cylinder and cylinder head. It is made of cast iron and equipped with cooling water interlayer.The cylinder is provided with a support leg for supporting the cylinder weight and adjusting the cylinder level.


The piston parts are composed of piston, piston rod, piston nut, piston ring, support ring and other parts. Each stage of the piston is equipped with a different number of piston rings and support rings for sealing the compressed medium and supporting the weight of the piston.

Sealing Packing

The sealing packing is composed of a plurality of sealing elements, and each group of sealing elements is mainly composed of a gas blocking ring, a tangential sealing ring, a flow blocking ring and a tension spring. In order to reduce the working load of each group of sealing elements, when the sealing pressure is high, a throttle ring is provided near the cylinder side.For the oil-lubrication type, there is an oil injection hole in the sealing packing, which can be injected the lubrication oil. For the oil-free type, there is no oil injection hole.Each stuffing box is equipped with a group of sealing elements, which are composed of gas choke ring, tangential ring and flow choke ring. The sealing element material is divided into copper alloy or filled with PTFE plastic ring. The copper ring is only used for oil lubrication occasions, and the plastic ring is suitable for oil lubrication type or oil-free lubrication occasions. This machine adopts PTFE plastic ring.

Gas Valve The gas valve is mainly composed of valve seat, valve cover (lift limiter), valve plate and spring (mesh valve and buffer plate and lift pad). The valve spring is made of stainless and acid resistant steel wire, which has high corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, and can significantly improve the service life of the valve.Oil ScraperThe oil scraper is mainly composed of gland, shell (oil scraper box), oil scraper ring and tension spring. The oil scraper ring is a plane three piece straight opening type, made of tin bronze. The oil return hole is set under the shell (oil scraper box), which can flow the scraped oil back to the oil pool of the compressor through the oil return hole.

Suction Valve Discharge Valve for Hydrogen Nitrogen Argon Helium Compressor

Suction Valve Discharge Valve for Hydrogen Nitrogen Argon Helium Compressor

Suction Valve Discharge Valve for Hydrogen Nitrogen Argon Helium Compressor

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A: Usually 1 year /12 Months for whole compressor machine, 2years/24months for air end (except maintenance spare parts.). And we can provide further warranty if necessary. Q3: How long could your air compressor be used?
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